Hot Artesian Spa Bore Baths at Yowah have been built and open to the public. Toilets dressing rooms and shade provided. Also a cold shower to cool off. Two pools, one moderately hot, one a little cooler. Mineral baths. Health Spa
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Bore baths open all year round.

Opening hours:

April to September - 10am to 6pm

September to October - 2pm to 6pm unless hot weather comes early then it will be 4pm till 8pm.

October till April 4pm till 8pm

Private sessions can be organised outside these times, ring Pool Manager on 0409176218.

$2.50 per session -Day pass $5.00 -Weekly $15 -Monthly $20

Yowah Bore Baths
Yowah Bore Baths
Cold Shower Roof
Cold Shower
Change Rooms
Baths and Sail Cover

YOWAH ARTESIAN BORE BATHS - Official Opening 11 am Saturday 16th August 2014
The Yowah Bore Baths are finally here for you to enjoy. Official opening on Saturday 16th August. There is a moderately hot bath with the hot water from the Artesian Basin cooled down by running the hot water down an automatic mining hoist coupled to a race and falling into the pool. Water from the moderately hot bath is then diverted into the slightly cooler pool. There is a cold shower to cool off in, dressing rooms and toilets with separate disabled access toilet.